Fozzy @First Avenue–> 9/8/2018

—>  Craving some clean fun energy? Charismatic showmanship? A balance of ballads and hard metal riffs? Jackets that light up like fireworks? Well, then Fozzy is the next rock band to check out live.  Members include former wrestler + frontman Chris Jericho, guitarists Frank Drake, Billy Grey, and Rich Ward, and drummer Frank Fontsere. Fozzy … Continue reading Fozzy @First Avenue–> 9/8/2018


Set It Off–> 8/29/2018

Set It Off played at The Garage in Burnsville, MN on August 29, 2018.  It was the first time ever that I attended an event or concert at The Garage. Few facts about the venue: it is a DRY venue, that means no alcohol whatsoever is allowed on the grounds or inside the building, it … Continue reading Set It Off–> 8/29/2018

Little Dragon Concert @ First Avenue Main Room- 6/6/2018

Nothin’ but groovy vibes were in store for last Wednesday night at First Avenue! Packed with eager-to-dance and enthusiastic loud fans of Little Dragon in the main room, Little Dragon did not disappoint to bring the heat, beats, drum solos, a colorful entourage/production, and older hits.  Supporting Act: DJ Lenka Paris-from the Czech Republic. “After … Continue reading Little Dragon Concert @ First Avenue Main Room- 6/6/2018

One of the many possibilities… Loma Vista Recordings

As a college graduate from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and testing the waters of “adult-hood,” I hear questions such as “what would you like to do someday?”, “what are your goals?”, “what are you up to?” and other variations of small talk. Despite short-term goals, one of my aspirations is to someday work in … Continue reading One of the many possibilities… Loma Vista Recordings

Marian Hill @ Palace Theatre 5/16/18

“Are you down…d..d..down…d…d..down..d..d..down…down.. down…?” with Marian Hill. It’s been approximately 3 months since my last live concert. My personal life has had a whirlwind of ups and downs the past 3 months, but things are slowly improving. A good friend from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Cat, invited me to attend Marian Hill in her … Continue reading Marian Hill @ Palace Theatre 5/16/18